Reasons Why Visit Somalia Is Dangerous

Reasons Why Visit Somalia Is Dangerous

Touring a country requires a place that experiences peace and tranquility at all times. This is evident from the ambiance encountered in the state as tourists always search for having a great time during their stay. A tourist destination has to be attractive, and free from any conflicts to offer the guest a smooth time during their holidays. Somalia is one of the countries that a person should never visit because of the following reasons.

Violent conflict has been experienced in the country for over three decades. There are fights between state soldiers and non-state soldiers, which has left a big chunk of the population living as refugees or flee to neighboring countries. These have encouraged mushrooming of illegal groups such as Al-Qaeda and Al-Shabab who take advantage by causing havoc as well as restlessness to the citizens. The groups are kidnapping as well as killing anyone they found on their way, making the country more of a battlefield.

Poor health in the state which

Adverse climate conditions are found in a large area of the country. The empire has a hot and dry climate, consequently, making it a desert. It is unfavorable to tour the country because of its climate, you cannot comfortably walk around. The harsh climatic conditions make it unbearable for a person to go there and enjoy, additionally there is nothing to enjoy about in that territory.

Poor health in the state which is a result of the havoc has caused the population to suffer from many diseases. Somalia is prone to the most common communicable diseases as a result of having inadequate health facilities to immunize its citizens. Touring that territory can cause someone to suffer from diseases such as Tuberculosis among others. A poor health crisis presents a risk within the humans living there as well as the population that visits that nation.

Overpopulation is a major challenge that

Somalia has remained underdeveloped for a long period because of the strife that has taken shape in that empire. Road network is impassable during the rainy seasons, and there is a lot of insecurity around the airport. There are also numerous cases where air transport is targeted by terrorists who either shot the plane down or hijack it during a journey. Accessing several parts of the nation is still a challenge since they are no significant or rather advanced developments to their system. The only place that is developed is the capital city which is overpopulated as a result of citizens who have moved there to be close to at least some basic services which can’t be found in other parts of the republic.

Overpopulation is a major challenge that makes the territory suffer since they do not have enough resources to sustain these populations. Having a large population in one area is a challenge since it leads to the transmission of diseases, and may cause civilian wars due to sharing of the available resources. This state is overpopulated due to the refugees from Ethiopia and Yemen who flee there in large numbers every year. The nation receives about 90,000 refugees every year which causes a lot of strain to the existing government.

Reasons Why Visit Somalia Is Dangerous

There is a lot of checking in once you arrive in Somalia, being a place that is in crisis they have to confirm your documents, where you are from, and your intentions of the visit. The process takes a long making it difficult for tourists to revisit that nation, and these checks are sometimes conducted randomly. A tourist may end up in bad hands since again, they do not know who are the genuine officers, and who are not.

Traveling for leisure needs a place that has tranquility, unfortunately, Somali experience many activities that include different army officers who were sent to help in peacekeeping alongside humanitarians. The activities happening makes it difficult for a tourist to enjoy their stay in such a place since there is no calmness at a single time. Every time is an opportunity to run away from strife.

Political instability in Somalia makes the situation to be complicated, there is a government, but it is in charge of the entire state. There are some parts that are controlled by armed groups who do not acknowledge that there is a government in power, this makes it hard for a foreign to even tell apart between the government and the illegal groups in that nation. Suppose you lose something during your stay, you aren’t certain where to get assistance from.

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