The Perks Of Being Charming

The Perks Of Being Charming

When you say an individual is charming, it means there is something unique that sets them apart from others. Charming can be physical characteristics, or a certain quality you find alluring and attractive. Physical characteristics like a smile, an accent, behavior, or abstract qualities like intelligence, kindness, and quirks, are considered charming. There is a certain air about them, you cannot miss when in a room, they seem to light up the room with their presence, with an extraordinary confidence that makes them irresistible. Certain cultures or societies have norms that we consider charming when we encounter them for the first time, take the British for example, who are polite in mannerisms and speech without realizing it.

Charisma is not inherent from birth,

Charisma is not inherent from birth, we adopt and develop these mannerisms through conscious effort, continuously working on ourselves until it becomes involuntary. When a person’s charm can sway a crowd without actively trying to, we call it charisma. Charmers who have a way with words, listen more attentively than others, maintain eyes, are quick to notice little things, like a new hairdo, and are free with compliments. Their general attitude makes them likeable that others begin to emulate them without consciously realizing. Charisma is not exclusive to extroverts, introverts possess a certain charm about them that is described as subtle or quiet.

The Perks Of Being Charming

Most individuals with charismatic personalities are natural leaders, they carry the crowd without meaning to or even realizing it. People are drawn to them, trust them wholeheartedly, are inspired by simple actions to go the extra mile, do not question their actions because the people trust their judgement. Some great leaders with charismatic personalities include Mahatma Gandhi, Winston Churchill, Martin Luther King Jr. If we look at all these leaders we see a pattern forming, the masses believed in them, in their words without them active persuasion. A thing we know about good salesmen, is their ability to charm potential customers into buying anything, sometimes things you do not have a use for, that is charisma. Charmers make good marketing personnel because their allure makes it difficult for customers to resist what items are for sale. That is why most personnel are placed at the forefront of consumer relations or customer service.

Charm is more attitude than physical appearance but is not mutually independent of the latter. This means it isn’t difficult to develop. It is definitely a good character skill set to possess, you can get a job with the right requirements absent from your resume because charm makes all the difference in any situation.

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