The Reason Why Baltimore Is Called Mobtown

The Reason Why Baltimore Is Called Mobtown

People have nicknames that may have come from the characters. The most important thing to note is that most nicknames come from personal behavior or a certain behavior associated with people who lived in that nicknamed place before. Baltimore has several nicknames associated with the people who were living there before. Arguments have arisen among those who live outside Baltimore concerning their names. Mobtown was bestowed on Baltimore after a mob attacked a newspaper baron at his home, that’s according to people’s arguments.

It can be traced back to

It can be traced back to 1861 when riots happened in Baltimore causing the death of many soldiers. The Union soldiers were moving from the northern part to the southern area to go and add force to the troops who were already there. Baltimore during those days had railway lines passing through to the southern area. During the colonial time, areas rich in minerals were considered good places. Colonialists were more focused on the transportation of those raw materials to their industries since not all places were revolutionized. There were several ways used during the time to transport everything, but the most used was railways transport. That remains the main reason why Baltimore had that kind of transport system.

The Reason Why Baltimore Is Called Mobtown

Although there were railway lines, Baltimore was not directly connected with this transport especially in those areas where Union soldiers were coming from. These soldiers had to cross over to the other side by foot since transportation was not available. Those troops were seriously attacked by the residents within Baltimore, and this could have caused this town to be known as mobtown. Maryland was the southern land where they were attacked mercilessly. This Baltimore town has many names compared to all other towns near it. All these names came from its operation, or way of life in the area, for instance, Baltimore had the reputation of having churches and monuments. In this case, Baltimore town was called monument town because of such characters.

Riots are highly associated with Baltimore Town, especially in 2015 when Freddie Carlos Gray passed on. Freddie Carlos Gray died while in police custody, a situation that caused unrest within the people. People living in Baltimore started fighting police, and the whole area had no peace at all. Riots began with some residents losing their lives, and it gives a good view of Baltimore in regard to its name, especially due to all experienced riots that have happened ever since.

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