Top Travel Destinations And Why People Love To Travel

Top Travel Destinations And Why People Love To Travel

Travelling is a different experience on its own, meeting new people, seeing new things, experiencing different cultures and climates have useful benefits on us as humans all round. At some point in a person’s life there might be an urge to travel to at least leave their immediate environment to another area to experience that feeling of being away. Although people travel in general, each person has a peculiar reason which might be entirely different from the next person, there is always a trigger. Some travel to visit family members who live in other states or countries to catch up with loved ones, discover new cultures and lifestyles of the people. Others may travel to spend time with friends as it gives opportunities to create long-lasting memories that could last a lifetime.

Finding better weather, finding love, honeymoon, adventure, self discovery as well as just fun are other reasons people travel. This is huge because it goes a long way to determine the destination or choice location for the trip. People going on a trip for a holiday vacation would prefer a calm and serene area unlike those going for an adventure trip who would prefer places like historic sites or abandoned areas. This shows that people’s travel destination is highly influenced by why they want to go on such a trip.

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According to a blog post on on the top destinations people would love to travel to, New Zealand, Madagascar, Iceland, Brazil, Central Asia, Rwanda, Big Island in Hawaii, Yemen and the South Pacific came tops. For New Zealand, the beautiful landscapes, adventure activities as well as closeness to nature were given as the why’s while the villages, wildlife especially the chameleons and the waters surrounding the island was for Madagascar. Cold climates, northern lights to the volcanoes as well as the majestic waterfalls are high points for those who love travelling to Iceland while the national parks and beaches pushed people towards Brazil.

Those who love to visit the Big Island in Hawaii will highlight the beautiful scenery and warm ocean waves alongside its active volcanoes, while high altitudes, mountains and gorillas serve a good enough reason for those who love Rwanda. The island of Socotra in Yemen also came tops where people will love to travel to with unique culture and surroundings like its dragon blood tree which cannot be found anywhere else. The title of the most alien-looking place on earth draws attention and people, especially those with a thing or two, for adventure.

Top Travel Destinations And Why People Love To Travel

Some countries as well as major cities of the world are synonymous with or known for something and this thing spurs people to love to travel there. For instance, Italy is known for its numerous ancient cites from the ancient Roman Empire and more just like Greece’s capital Athens. Visiting these historic cities to experience what it was like living in those times is a trigger for people to love. Norway is known to be a happy country, with the United Nations placing them second in the 2013 World Happiness Report. This Scandinavian country also plays hosts to ancient cities, cool wildlife like polar bears and foxes, another big reason some would love to travel there.

People would generally love to travel or move from their present surroundings either for pleasure, adventure or any other reason but the places they choose to travel to are almost certainly determined by the reason for the trip. That is, a traveler will most definitely choose his destination based on why he wants to travel except in rare cases or emergencies.

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