What Makes Louisville a Southern or A Midwestern City

What Makes Louisville a Southern or A Midwestern City

Louisville Kentucky is a “Gateway when moving to the South” one of the “River Cities” and affectionately called Derby. Considering the current century, Louisville is highly industrialized making it fit in being seen as a city in the west. Louisville has increased manufacturing processes that include coming up with new materials that can be supplied to the whole nation for use. Many warehouses are present that store materials made, and transportation has been made easy due to the roads constructed to a required standard. These factors have highly contributed to the city becoming different from other southern states that may not be industrialized fully.

When considering culture, Louisville can be

When considering culture, Louisville can be placed in the category of being Southern. Looking at the hospitality offered, or how visitors are treated, it looks ancient and older than western cities. The act of preparing food outdoors makes it look more traditional since it is a practice that was experienced in early ages. Their dressing code depicts respect to their tradition or culture meaning that they have not fully evolved to modern manners of performing some things. Louisville hosts ancient horse racing competition which is sometimes done for fun, meaning that it belongs to the southern states. This means that their fashion reflects mostly what happened in the olden days when industries had not come in to replace cultures, or modernization had not occurred.

Some of Louisville have a feel

Some of Louisville have a feel of being cosmopolitan shown by the art museumand the Speed Art Museum. Other streets may be categorized in that nature like the 4th Live Street that feels cosmopolitan in that it’s diverse and accommodates people from every place. Others like to make the city look weird when compared to other states in a sense of maintaining its cultural values making Louisville more of a southern state. The action of having many cultural festivals in some areas removes the modern look from Louisville since culture is rarely practiced in grown or developed towns.

What Makes Louisville a Southern or A Midwestern City

Politically, Louisville leans to the left in past years since they try to copy from large cities to reach for noticeable construction projects like bridges and libraries. High control is given to limiting crimes or doing road repairs that may appear as patches placed on a long road. These efforts make it look different from Southern states that are associated with poor constructions or amenities built. The state seems to be losing its independent course and is at risk of becoming a city of crime.

According to history, the geographic location of Louisville is to the southern part of the river Mississippi. However, it was never in any part of the confederacy in the civil war which made its politics not be tied to the South like other cities. Louisville still has people who fought for the confederacy or were actively involved in the war though the current government has not looked kindly on those memories. This means that Louisville doesn’t want to be associated with such issues making it be more of a western city. Louisville’s political heritage is not a reflection of what happened or is seen in those southern parts making it look different from other states.

Looking at the opening and closing days of schools, Louisville, some delays are experienced that are associated with Southern cities. It could be a reflection of changes in the quality of roads or how responsible parents are. Due to the different practices carried out, associations may be created depending on the perspective that a person is viewing Louisville from. Roads have been constructed rather than being repaired to show an evolution to be a large state. Heavy equipment used in modernizing Louisville makes it lie more in the western region due to high developments that are under implementation.

Generally, Louisville can be considered as a large city although it doesn’t have NBA and NFL sports teams like others do. It can be seen as a hub that joins two worlds, that could be the Southern to the Mid-western or a large city to a small town. To correctly categorize it, there is a need to be specific concerning the aspect being put under consideration. Generalizing all areas might bring a sense of confusion that can put a dilemma on whether to put it in the southern or western part. Without putting cultural considerations, the majority of evidence suggests that Louisville is a Western state. Majority of the features link it to big cities that are highly developed or are under development.

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