Why Paris Beats London

Why Paris Beats London

The edge that Paris has over London can be witnessed by simple factors such as access to parks. Paris boasts of having more parks open to the public as compared to London. This means you get to spend quality outdoor time in Paris taking in its scenic view. London is more of a concrete city with more buildings than open spaces open to the public. It is more enjoyable to walk around Paris because there are parks to incorporate in your itinerary that will help you rest in-between. Public parks are a great place to sit and enjoy the marvels of nature, by offering this, Paris beats London as a more attractive city.

While travelling in an underground metro

While travelling in an underground metro train is a convenient way to arrive at your destination, it offers a limited experience. With London’s underground metro stations, you do not get to enjoy the view of the city as much. Travelling by metro in Paris is more enjoyable because you get to view the city and take in its scenic view. More street art in metro stations is present in the Paris building on the appeal of the city.

Why Paris Beats London

France is filled with liberal thinkers, Paris is the capital of the free minded. Paris promises to offer a richer cultural experience when compared with London. While more rules are broken in Paris, it offers a more exciting stay when compared to the uptight nature of Britons. The tiny instances of civil disobedience in Paris do not dull its attraction as a beautiful city. It serves to build on its reputation as a city of free thinkers that follow their passions in reckless abandon. The free nature of the people of Paris make it an interesting city that is bubbling with life making it the ideal destination.

London’s landscape is filled with old buildings, some are ugly in design reducing how beautiful the city is. Paris has marvelous buildings that are elegantly designed. Buildings in France have a higher esthetic appeal. The boulevards of Paris are uniform in design portraying elegance in design, this is what sets apart the architecture of London from that of Paris. French are more artistic, this can be observed in their building designs that pay great attention to style. The artistic nature of French people is witnessed in their preferences in architecture. In Paris, attention is paid to the finer details to ensure finesse in delivery on all projects that are undertaken.

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